Revealing The Beauty Of The Nile

River Nile cruises are a spectacular way to see the ancient country of Egypt. Passing Cairo, Esna and Abu Simbel, the Nile is widely accepted as the longest river in the world and it extends a stunning 6,650 kilometres into the continent of Africa. Not only this but the overwhelming majority of Egypt’s cities and cultural treasures are situated along the river making Nile cruises some of the richest cultural experiences on the planet.

But the height of summer is not always the best time to visit the Nile. Due to soaring temperatures and prices, you might be able to take advantage of cheap Nile cruises during the autumn and winter. Temperatures remain more than comfortable long into the off season which can take the sting out of the North African sun.

Many of the cruise ships that offer river Nile cruises are opulent and alluring, and even those cheap Nile cruises can turn up some exquisite ships. Typically a Nile cruise ship will have all the standard amenities you would find in a hotel room: air conditioning, satellite TV, private bathrooms with showers, mini bars and safe boxes. The ship should feel more like a floating hotel with restaurants, lounge bars, swimming pools, sunbathing areas, gyms, bazaars and even Internet cafes.

The river Nile cruise ship should be the perfect base from which to make port and explore the likes of the Valley of the Kings and the Queens, the temples of Luxor and Karnak, the temples of Esna, Edfu, Philae and Kom Ombo. You may also have the option of visiting the two huge Abu Simbel temples further South, or if you’re getting sick of the river and land, you might also opt for a hot air balloon trip, which should prove to be the flight of a lifetime.

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