Riviera Maya: Escape to the Sugary Beaches of the Mexican Caribbean

Riviera Maya Sweet Seashores and Mexican Getaway Paradise

There is certainly a single vacation spot, one dazzling variety of tempting experiences which will re-define your holiday travel forever, the Riviera Maya or even Mexican Riviera. Caressed by exotic waters as well as hypnotic Caribbean sea breezes, the Riviera Maya stretches over the Yucatan peninsula. With vacation alternatives as different as well as vibrant as the sunsets, Riviera Maya delivers legendary all-inclusive resorts, enchanting boutique hotels, limitless cooking adventures, desirable night life, exciting leisure time activities as well as, a beautiful string of the best beaches located anywhere. Fill your days and nights with snorkeling along the worlds second largest barrier reef, jaunts to the historical gems of Chichen Itza and also Coba, the particular eco-parks of Xcaret, floating around with dolphins, zip-lining, horse riding, wind-surfing, well guided jungle tours or just get lost for a few hours and take pleasure in what ever exercise finds you.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, or just “Playa”, can be a seaside resort town at the middle of Riviera Maya. Mentioned for its laid-back European vibe, Playa is a favored haunt of younger international tourists and provides smart, funky boutique hotels as well as B & B’s. Playa features a very relaxed bohemian ambiance during the day where you’ll discover the majority of travelers along the excellent white-colored soft sand beaches or out on the water scuba diving, doing some fishing or even boating throughout the reef. And during the night, Playa will come alive with a lively, electric almost carnival vitality. Alongside 5th Avenue, the dining as well as hanging out hub, you’ll pass by road musicians, fire breathers and also a host of vibrant characters, artists and also entertainers of just about all ilks. If you do visit, ensure you reserve a few hours to visit the Xcaret Eco Park, a Mexican-themed “eco-archaeological park”, positioned just to the south of the town in Xcaret.

Puerto Morelos

A stylish, lazy spot where colorful commercial fishing vessels dot the coastline and tourism is still a relatively new occurrence. While there’s a healthful range of all-inclusive accommodations with full leisure, cooking and also spa facilities, one can modify course and remain in a rustic palapa style huts together with thatched roofs and also beds hanging by ropes. In contrast to other Riviera areas, the prices tend to be a bit cheaper, the pace a touch slower and also the vitality is quiet and informal. The zocalo (town square) supplies a fun selection of shops, restaurants not to mention dive/snorkeling stores for the local barrier reef and National Marine Park. Along the beach front, it is possible to walk beyond the lighthouse, eat on fresh sea food or perhaps have an adventure to the barrier reef. Puerto Morelos supplies a fantastic beach town selection for those that wish to slow down, avoid the crowds of people and merely loosen up.


Situated to the south of Playa, Xel-Ha is an eco-archaeological site that dates back to when the actual Maya Civilization settled upon the far eastern coastline. The name is the blend of the roots xel meaning “spring” and ha meaning “water”. Xel-Ha is mother nature as nobody has ever experienced it before, a location to share in celebrating the biological parade of the Riviera Maya. Great snorkeling, dolphins, parrots, iguanas, and also jump into rivers or cruise lazily on the rivers in a rubberized ring. And.perhaps you have ever dreamed of stepping through the aquarium tank glass? That desire is a reality in Xel-Ha, the biggest natural open sea aquarium in the world, offering an array of land and also water activities, ecological attractions, world-class dining establishments, and a great number of adventures only dreamers and doers actually experience., Mexican food preparation and fitness/spiritual retreats (yoga, Pilates, Buddhist meditation).

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