Eurail Pass benefits explained

Train travellers to Europe who have opted for the popular Eurail Passes will be pleased to note the benefits these rail passes offer.

Passengers travelling with a Eurail Pass can visit up to 23 European countries with the Eurail Global Pass or five bordering European countries among 24 with the Eurail Select Pass, or individual or groups of countries with passes such as the Eurail Italy Pass or the Eurail France-Germany Pass.

Eurail Pass holders experience greater flexibility on their travels in Europe and one of the most popular benefits of having the Eurail Pass is the discounted and free travel on various European ferry crossings.

For example, travellers often take a free ferry between Greece and Italy, and some make a stop at the stunning island of Corfu.

Other benefits include discounts on hotels, museums and additional transport.

To take full advantage of the benefits, which come with the Eurail Pass, passengers should contact the individual companies involved in advance or at the time of booking and note that some offers may require an advance reservation to benefit from any discount.


Flexi and Continuous Passes

Train travellers exploring Europe with a Eurail pass should note that there is a difference between the Flexi pass and the Continuous pass when using free and discounted benefits.

Travellers with the Eurail Flexi pass who use a free benefit, such as a ferry crossing from Italy’s Bari to Croatia’s Dubrovnik, will use up one travel day, even if they are not using a train on that day.

However, travellers holding a Eurail Continuous pass can use free and discounted benefits such as a ferry journey or bus ride, on any day their pass is valid.

Travellers with a Eurail Flexi pass using the benefit of free ferry travel on international shipping routes, must make sure their pass is valid in the country of departure and the country of arrival (for discounted ferry travel the pass only needs to be valid for either the country of departure or the country of arrival).


The Eurail passes consist of a ticket and a pass cover and travellers should make a note in the Travel Report on their pass before they board a train, bus or boat.

Popular routes for Eurail pass holders include: Florence-Rome, Amsterdam-Brussels, Prague-Vienna, Munich-Fussen and Lucerne-Interlaken.

For more ideas on where to travel and which countries to visit with the Eurail Global pass, the Eurail Select pass and the individual and group country Eurail train passes, as well as tips and popular itineraries, check out Raileurope’s website.

Travellers who make full use of the Eurail Pass benefits can explore and enjoy even more of what Europe has to offer.

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