Getting Married Abroad

Marrying abroad (that’s getting married in a foreign country, not marrying a woman in America in the 1950s) is something that many people think about, but few actually go through with. After all, with the cost of flying people over to a foreign country and the extra hassle that organising such a thing could cause, many people assume that it is a dream they will simply have to leave as just that.

However, more and more people are now marrying abroad and taking just a very few special people with them, then simply celebrating the marriage at home later with a big party for all their friends and family.

There are of course many great benefits to getting married abroad. Not only will the weather almost certainly be far better and make the day seem even more magical, but by choosing places such as Rome or Venice, you will also get the chance to be married in one of the most beautiful and romantic places on the planet.

Marrying abroad also doesn’t have to cost that much. Not only can the wedding and honeymoon very quickly become one, but by renting villas in Italy you are likely to be able to accommodate a number of extra guests in the very place you are staying meaning that they will only have to pay out for airfare. By choosing holiday villas in Italy that can accommodate numerous people, you can have all the friends and family you want on hand for your wedding and then afterwards simply have the most luxurious possible place for you and your new spouse to spend you honeymoon alone in.

Whether you want the passion of Rome, breathtaking vistas or even sun and sand, Italy will have it all, and villas in Italy will allow you to travel from Venice to Rome to beautiful beaches to the Alps all in no time at all, meaning that by choosing holiday villas in Italy you can even hunt around once you are out there to choose the perfect location for your perfect wedding.