Swanky Mayfair in London

Among the numerous areas of London, one section stands out for its swanky appeal – Mayfair. It is located between the world-famous Oxford Street and Regent Street as well as Piccadilly Circus and Park Lane right at the heart of the Big City. Many a 4-star and 5-star hotel London has to offer are located in Mayfair and for good reasons, too. Think of the likes of the Bloomsbury Hotel London branch and you have a good idea of just how swanky Mayfair is, then and now.


Yes, indeed, Mayfair was and is the enclave of well-heeled families and individuals in London. Its name is derived from the 15-day fairs held in the area until 1764; the well-to-do residents of the area deemed the fairs too lowly for their neighbourhood. Today, the residential houses, commercial establishments and public spaces in Mayfair are one of the fairest in the city, so to speak.


On one hand, private banks, wealth management institutions and hedge fund companies have offices in the area. It’s no surprise then that many a luxurious hotel London offers to its visitors serve the professionals who manage the wealth of the wealthy in the world, not to mention being wealthy in their own way, too. The clientele of Bloomsbury Hotel London include these professionals and their wealthy clients as well as other well-to-do individuals and families willing to pay for excellent services.


On the other hand, Mayfair has more than a few of the world’s most exclusive shops selling everything from suits to shoes and everything else in between. Mayfair is, truly, a fair place to shop in if and when you are a serious shopper with serious money.


So, on your next quest for the most luxurious hotel London has to offer, think of the Mayfair area and you will not be disappointed.


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