Indulgence of the sensational kind

The city of London sings a magical and enchanting melody luring those who have an affinity with all that is luxurious and chic.The bejewelled skyline of London reflects the many hidden gems within this city’s streets. Here are some of the most refined and exclusive services available and some of the most elegant five star hotels to relax and unwind in.These hotels are famous across the globe for their unswerving attention to detail and service.From the extravagant confines of one of the top five star hotels visitors to London can soak up the culture and vibrancy of this city. 
Within refined surroundings there is easy access to many exclusive, members-only venues where personal services is entrenched in the values and ethos of the people that work there. Entertainment does not come finer than this. If an evening of exploration in the London evening does not appeal after a hectic day then guests can effortlessly enjoy the star treatment provided by the hotel staff and sample some of the finest cuisine and wine available. Cocktails made from fresh juices in exciting combinations can be enjoyed at the hotel bar. There are other services that can be enjoyed but the WINKS Massage is London’s finest personal service offering a new take on the traditional approach to this form of intimate indulgence.
A WINKS Naked Massage provides its clients with something wider reaching than a simple treat or pampers service. This mind blowing experience for the senses fuses mind and body together in united ecstasy. Clients can discover new levels of enjoyment and sensuality that they had until now been unaware could be awakened in them. The WINKS Masseuses deliver their naturist massage with skill and prowess raising their clients to new heights, delivering a true indulgence of adult proportions.

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