DJ Techniques: Four Important Beat Making Tips

One day, you woke up and realized you want to be a DJ. If you are completely new about the whole thing and you have no experience in beat making, make the looking for an user-friendly beat maker as your first step. You don’t need the most expensive software you can get. There are software that can give you quality beats and you don’t have to spend too much for them. Going for the cheapest pick, on the other hand, may compromise your beat quality. So do your research before you decide which beat maker you’d use. DUBturbo is one of the beat makers that is easy to use yet remains at a reasonable rate and you may want to consider it. Also include Sonic Producer in your choices.

Now that you already have a software, what’s second step? Your skills should be your next concentration. Expand your music experience by listening to music in general. Don’t listen to the same artists and genre. You should explore to become versatile. Be receptive of variety. You would discover a lot of ideas if you will consider the work of others. Apart from creating beats, do related activities as well. Find out how to play drums or the piano. This well help you improve your skills, helping you create ideas in your head.

It is also important that you blend with fellow learners. Listen to what beat making enthusiasts are saying and sharing. With them around, you will hear about their personal experience and strategies. Consider doing a beat making project with someone. Being an one-man team be boring sometimes. If you have a companion, making music will be easier. Just imagine what two equally creative minds can create? You also have instant critic with each other.

Lastly, never get tired of practicing. One way to practice is to remake beats. Analyze how a producer came up with his own sounds. Put a twist in your remakes. Learn how things are done but at the same time try to incorporate your own style. Keep in mind that the beat maker of your choice will be playing a major role. As said, you will have to get a beat maker that’s easy to use and operate. Still clueless what software to pick? Consider the programs above. For further details, just go to There, you will find DUBturbo Review and other related reviews that will help you make up your mind.

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