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The saying that everything that is old becomes new again is certainly becoming a reality in the music world. As digital recording has taken over as part of the technological revolution, true music enthusiasts have retained their passion for the true sound that only vinyl records can produce. Ears are naturally tuned to receive the smooth, uninterrupted sound waves that only analog captured wavelengths produce through the sculpted grooves fingerprinted uniquely into each long-playing platter.

Pop Merch Market vinyl record store online, is one of the best resources to find vinyl box sets, imports, hard-to-find out of print and special order items for those who never abandoned vinyl. For new listeners who are discovering the rich, warm sonic aesthetic quality found only with records, popmerchmarket.com offers vinyl box sets at amazing prices that allow listeners to purchase libraries of current and vintage bands in a one stop purchase.

This store specializes in re-issues from all genres which are not often advertised and many times very limited in release. Usually, because pressing and lathes have become scarce, a label will send out a single album re-issue to test the waters of the back to vinyl interest. However, popmerchmarket.com has direct relationships with distributors which are advantageous to customers as rare, imported editions come straight from the manufacturer without the added costs of middlemen. Because the people behind this service-oriented online music store are music lovers themselves, they go the extra mile to find their valued customers what they want with a desire to please that is a business model as vintage some of their inventory. As an added bonus, free shipping is standard with every purchase delivered within the continental U.S.

The trend is quickly picking up the pace which is evident by the recent manufacturer of several inexpensive turntables which major retailers and big box stores cannot keep in stock with many eagerly back-ordered. Having its finger on the pulse way and already way ahead of the curve, popmerchmarket.com is the online music store source with unique vinyl box sets from the masters such as the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, the Kinks, and Marianne Faithfull; ’70s classics from Journey, Whitesnake, Pink Floyd, and Yes; to the recently released Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, whose music has been heard mainly on CD, but heard on vinyl, proves all the more gifted this tragic songstress’ voice was.

Let popmerchmarket.com be the first stop in matchmaking the coveted needle to the vinyl box set or import it’s been waiting to spin. Disappointment is not an option as this store strives to match music lovers with the music they love.

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