What Does it Take to Be an Actor?

Different people have very different ideas about what it takes to be an actor. Some will assume that it takes a huge amount of natural talent and years of training and dedication, whilst others will assume that pretty much anyone can walk into an acting job. So what is the truth? Well, in reality, it is somewhere in between the two.

To be an actor, you will need to have drive and determination and understand that great opportunities are not going to simply come to you. However, you don’t necessarily need to have spent years training, and for some people all it will take to be an actor is simply to decide to commit to it.

Becoming an actor is also easier than ever. By using websites such Audition Now, you can get information on acting auditions sent directly to your mobile (this applies to people 18 years and over only, and costs £1.50 per text with max 3 texts per week) and therefore it is no longer even necessary for someone to get an agent before they start getting casting calls.

The real key to being an actor is to stick with it. Some people who have very little talent may get a break on their very first audition due to good luck, whilst the best actors can wait months on end to get any job and years to find the right break. However, with determination, the right acting auditions, an ability to deal with disappointment, and maybe just a little bit of luck, you will have all it takes to be an actor, no matter whether you want to be on the stage or on the big screen.

So if you want to be an actor, all it takes is for you to get out there and start going to casting calls, and to be willing to hold out for your break when others might have given up trying.

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Nick is a part time techie, full time writer and Lifestyle intern at 5 Articles.

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