Woman speaks of lifelong lingerie passion

These days, there are lots of items of lingerie for women to choose from, including Panache bras and other items of Panache underwear.

One consumer who no doubt makes the most of the variety of products on the market is Huffington Post style blogger Erica Cheung. She noted that she has enjoyed donning items like this from a young age.

The writer remarked: “I started wearing a training bra when I was three years old, not because I needed one or because I was self-conscious, but because I thought that bras were beautiful.”

According to Ms Cheung, wearing bras from such a young age enabled her to view them as a “celebration of womanhood”.

Meanwhile, talking about her early experiences, she said: “I remember going to the department store with my mother and helping her pick out her bras, black ones, lacy ones, silky ones; they fascinated me.”

The lingerie enthusiast added: “I remember telling her I wanted a bra and picking a sweet baby blue one that was lacy and too big for me. After all, I was only three years old. It was my camisole when I slept and I only really used it when I was five.”

Ms Cheung went on to point out that, like other girls, she only started wearing real training bras when she was around 11 years old.

Summarising her thoughts about these items of lingerie, she stated: “I don’t think that being a woman means you have to wear a bra, but I do believe that bras are made for women (all kinds of women) and that’s something to celebrate.”

These days, a rising number of people seek out Panache bras and other pieces of Panache underwear online. Often, consumers see this form of shopping as more convenient and cost effective than trips to the high street.

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