Claims Against A Taxi Firm

Unfortunately some taxi firms have a bad reputation when it comes to obeying the rules of the road. In the face of losing profits they may frequently flout rules that have been developed to keep people safe, and this can unfortunately result in accidents. Regardless of whether the taxi driver was speeding or not, if you were not responsible in any way for the road traffic accident then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim. By getting in touch with your personal injury solicitor you can discuss whether you have a potential claim. It is really senseless to foot bills and face lifelong injuries if you were not to blame for any of it – especially if all of this was the result of somebody else’s negligence.

In order to make your compensation claim, it is important that you have various pieces of information regarding the incident. For instance, it is imperative that you know the name and address of your taxi driver and the taxi company. This is on top of the taxi registration number of the vehicle involved in the incident. If other vehicles were involved in the same incident, you will need the names, addresses and vehicle registration numbers of those drivers as well.

You will need some evidence of the incident, which can either be presented in the form of witnesses of the incident and any photographic evidence. If one or more of these pieces of information are missing it may still be possible to make a claim, but you should talk to your personal injury solicitor for a definitive answer. If someone else is to blame for what could be serious injuries to your person, by seeking compensation you could make your life easier and pay for expensive medical bills.

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