Canadian Versus UK Immigration

One of the most difficult parts of emigrating is learning exactly how to fill in a visa application form. Visas are often very intimately intertwined with law and require an expert in the field to adequately be able to present your information and tell you what it all means. The jargon of law is not easy to pick up, so it is imperative that the immigration services you choose are able to relay all of the information back to you in a language that you will understand. Living and working in another country should not be something that you are unsure of, it requires a whole-hearted attitude that should be reflected in how seriously you take all of the legal documentation and application.

Canada immigration law can be very strict, but if you abide by all of the rules and have the correct expertise to hand then you should be able to get a visa without any problems. Like many other countries, Canada immigration is based around trying to attract workers with the skills that will add to the country’s economic strength. It utilises a points based system which takes into account education, age, work experience and adaptability. Canada also runs an Immigration Investor and Entrepreneur program.

This is opposed to immigration UK where there are a great many options for visas, split into tiers. Typically all of these require that you provide some form of economic benefit to immigration UK. Tier 1 visas are for highly skilled migrants, tier 2, medium to high skilled with tiers 3 and 4 being reserved for students and young people wanting to use immigration UK for a working holiday. Tier 3 visas are currently not available since the UK Government has received a plentiful supply of lower skilled workers from the European Economic area.

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