Finding Your Niche

It is unlikely that there will ever be an investment that is right for everyone. The majority of mainstream investment opportunities offer very little reward and therefore, as such, almost everyone is likely to benefit from finding a specific niche in which to invest based on their own unique circumstances.

For instance, those who like to have constant control over their investment may benefit from spread betting. Whilst such an approach can be extremely risky, it allows those who want instant control to have it. Likewise, for those who want something that offers many different approaches whilst being relatively low in risk, seeking investment property may be the best approach. Ultimately the trick is to play to your strengths and to choose an investment that gives you as much risk as you want and the potential to invest the right amount of money for the right time with the right potential return.

With investment property, there is a much wider niche. Whilst it is still very much a niche investment, the ability to use property investment companies allows you to reduce your risk and to find investments that total a sum you can afford and for a time period that suits you.

However, everyone is different and whilst contacting property investment companies may suit many, those who want greater risk or to find investments that can allow them to be more hands on in an industry that really excites them (take film investment for example), may well find other investments that are more suitable.

Ultimately, no matter how much capital you have to invest, what timescale suits you or how much you want to be involved in what you are investing in, always try to avoid the more obvious investments and instead try to find the niche that perfectly suits you.

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