The Skills Every PA Needs

The skills of a personal assistant are not set in stone. Different employers will require different things from their PA, from simply needing someone to make appointments and answer phones through to needing someone who is effectively able to run an entire company.

In many cases, the personal assistant is the boss rather than the other way round, telling the company director or manager where they need to be and what they need to do, and exactly when they need to do it. However, there are certain skills that all PAs will need, and if you are looking for a career as a personal assistant it is wise to make sure you have the relevant skill set. There are also many PA courses available to assist you get everything from the most basic skill set right through to PA training that will ensure you will be the top choice as an executive PA.

The first thing every PA will need is excellent computer skills. No matter what your boss needs, the very minimum will be an ability to use a multitude of programs to write letters, make plans and organise calendars.

A PA will also need to have excellent time-keeping skills, be able to work under pressure and be able to communicate well with others. They will need to have a good appearance, deal well with stress and be able to multi-task easily.

The great thing about being a PA is that if you are intelligent and work hard, you will need no formal qualifications. However, if you wish to stand out it can be very important to look at PA training to ensure you have all the skills available to you whether you need to take simple PA courses in shorthand or entire weeks dedicated to dealing with stress and the management of others.

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