Cheap Classic Car Insurance

Cheap classic car insurance is not easy to find. The fact that relatively few people own classic vehicles is in part the reason for this. Because it is such a limited market many mainstream insurance providers are not really interested it. To them offering specialist classic car insurance is just not worth the hassle.

The other problem is that although old many classic cars are worth a lot of money. Plus should they be involved in an accident they are difficult to get repaired. Running a classic car insurance service does not allow you to set the rules in stone and follow them to the letter. For example many insurance companies will write a modern car off rather than let you use 2nd hand parts to repair it with them paying for it. For classic cars this is a pretty useless restriction, because in many cases you can only repair your car using 2nd hand parts.

For this reason and many other reasons using a mainstream insurer is not always a good option even when they are prepared to insure your car. When you actually try to make a claim you can fall foul of this type of rule.

Which Cars Qualify for Cheap Classic Car Insurance?

Specialist classic car insurers set limits to which cars they will insure. In most cases the primary criteria is the age of the car. Most companies only insure cars that are over 25 years of age. Some companies have an upper limit for the age of the car they will insure, but it varies from company to company. If you shop around you can usually find a company to insure your vehicle.

Most companies will insure any classic vehicle, but some will not insure a vehicle during restoration. However, you should always ask them just in case. They often exclude these vehicles almost by accident because part of their criteria for insuring a vehicle is that it has to have valid road tax and an MOT. This effectively excludes cars that have been SORNed or are in the process of being restored. However, if you ask them to they will sometimes offer you just fire and theft insurance.

Cherished Vehicle Insurance is a company that specialises in providing cheap classic car insurance. They also offer kit car and military vehicle insurance.