Bicycle Lawyer

If you ride a bicycle you will know how dangerous it can be. The chances of your having an accident, and needing a bicycle lawyer, are relatively high. Other road users represent a real danger, however, so does the condition of the roads. To a car a pothole is a nuisance for a bike rider it is an accident waiting to happen. If you manage to avoid it you can still end up coming a cropper because in avoiding it you can inadvertently put yourself in the path of a vehicle behind you.

Who Needs a Bicycle Lawyer?

Even if you were lucky and got away with only scratches and bruises the chances of your bike being damaged are high. If it is a 2nd hand bike you paid only a few pounds for replacing it is relatively easy. If, on the other hand, your bike cost you several hundred pounds you will want to get the money off of the other person involved to replace it. Getting that money on your own can be very challenging. Because you do not have your own insurance company you have to fight your own corner with the other person’s insurance provider. They will definitely put you through the wringer in the hopes that you will give up completely or accept a low payout. In these situations a bicycle lawyer is invaluable. They take the hassle out of making a claim and are far more likely to win it than you are.

If you are injured as a result of your bicycle accident you will need the help of a bicycle lawyer even more. Even if it is 100% clear the accident was not your fault you will still need to fight for compensation. Something which is hard enough to do when you are fit and healthy if you suffered a serious injury fighting your claim can be impossible. A decent lawyer will offer you support and ensure that as much medical evidence is gathered as possible. This will help you when it comes to winning fair compensation and paying for things like physiotherapy to help you to recover fully.



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