Cherished Vehicle Insurance for those who Love Specialist Vehicles

Cherished vehicle insurance offers insurance for specialist vehicle enthusiasts. From the Classic Mini to the Classic Camper, Classic Porsche, and Classic VW we understand how much your vehicle means to you and you can get a quote on our website. We have a range of insurance packages as part of an impressive portfolio. We offer insurance for the Classic Ford, MG, Kit Car, Modern Motorhome, Military vehicle and Custom Car. Since March 2010 when we launched we have been offering customers a new approach to all their insurance needs.

Our Passion for Specialist Cars

Cherished Vehicle Insurance is very passionate about specialist vehicles and we share your passion. Our company is a cover holder at Lloyds and we have excellent partnerships with major important UK organizations, like the Mini Cooper Register and TIPEC. You can read more about our partners who we cherish on our website. To get a quote as soon as possible try ringing us now on the onsite number. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9pm to 5pm. You can also reach us on Saturdays from 9am to 12 noon.

The Range of Insurance we Offer

Cherished Vehicle Insurance love offering insurance for the famous Classic Mini, like the Mini Cooper or the Mini Clubman and understand just how much your car means to you as a Mini enthusiast. From our homepage you can access information about us as a company, get a quote, read an insurance guide, learn about our partners and the events we enjoy attending. We also have a blog and contact details that you can use to reach us.

What our Insurance Packages Include

Some of our less common insurance packages are for vehicles like American cars and we take pride in the level of service we offer. For example, we offer free agreed value service, retained salvage, EU cover for up to 90 days and discounts for limited mileage. All modifications are considered and we have a club member’s discount. Multi vehicle policies are available and there is free UK Trackday cover and EU and UK Breakdown Cover. If something happens to your vehicle we will be your first port of call and you can expect us to care for your vehicle as if it was our own.

Cherished Vehicle Insurance is interested in providing exceptional levels of service to the increasing number of specialist car owners in the UK and Northern Ireland.