Shop Insurance

There are literally hundreds of shops in the UK in various different sectors of the retail industry. Accidents can happen at any time and when you least expect them. For example if you own a grocery store and someone knocks a bottle off the shelf this could cause a hazard for the next customer to walk in and trip over. If you haven’t managed to find the spillage before the accident occurs you would be liable for any injury caused to the general public whilst in your shop. It is therefore vital you have insurance in place just in case a claim is made against you.

Shop insurance cover can offer you and your business a wide variety of options that will cover you against an array of different perils. These can include theft or attempted theft, damages caused by natural disasters such as flooding or storm damage and escape of water.
Here are a few options that are available to shop owners:

Products Liability
Any goods that are sold from your business are covered under this extension. For example if someone bought a toaster and when they plugged it in at home it caused a fire and damaged part of the customers kitchen, you would be covered for damages caused by the fire with this protection if it was found that the goods you sold were faulty .

Business Contents
This will include phone equipment, trade fixtures and all other contents used by your organisation on the business premises

Trade Contents
This category covers all items which fall under stock of the business. They are defined as cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, DVDs, CDs, wines, spirits and any other stock you may have.

Public Liability
This insurance cover will protect you against any injuries that might take place whilst a third party is on your premises and in worst case scenario death claims.

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