Booming Business at Sea

In Britain alone there are currently thousands of vacancies in the marine industry. At a time when many industries are facing huge cuts in the number of available jobs, work at sea seems to be positively thriving. In total, over half a million jobs (that’s 1 in every 125 people including the elderly and babies) are created out at sea in Britain alone and as a result, billions of pounds are contributed to our economy.

As a result, for those looking for jobs in an interesting and unique capacity, working at sea may offer not only the challenge that many people wish for, but also far more job security. Many people worry about the literal security and safety of such a job, but whilst accidents can happen in any place, the rigorous safety measures that marine vessels and rigs have to undertake with blast and watertight doors means that it is possibly actually safer than many other physically challenging environments.

From the safety of watertight doors to the comfort of the accommodation modules, whilst being at sea may seem to be a dangerous, lonely and uncomfortable life, it is actually one that can be liberating, galvanising and extremely comfortable in equal measures.

Obviously, not all jobs in the marine industry will involve being stationed out at sea in accommodation modules and the potential to find a new career is extremely vast, with a huge number of jobs being available in all different capacities.

For the many people looking for jobs for the future, training can usually be done on the job meaning that costly universities fees are unnecessary and that those moving into such areas will instantly be earning instead of starting off with a great deal of debt, whilst also being in a very safe line of work – both literally and metaphorically.

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