Combination Ladders

A combination ladder is one which is freely available from DIY stores for both personal and commercial customers. They are seen as a versatile and low cost solution as the one set will be able to perform a number of tasks both indoors and outdoors.


Combination ladders are so called because they can be fixed at various points, depending on each particular “model” to perform a number of different tasks in different positions; such as step ladder, single section and stair. Depending on the particular model they can be fixed at up to five different points to create a solid base on stairs, for roofs and in some cases can act as freestanding scaffolding.

Who Might Use Them

One of the major attractions with Combination Ladders is that they are affordable and have no limitation so they are as ideally suited for domestic use as they are within industry, for professional maintenance and for tradespeople. The fact that these individuals only need one ladder for all tasks as opposed to a full arsenal is simply a further boost to their popularity as they then save on storage and transportation space needed and with one ladder fitting all requirements also prove to be extremely cost effective.

Health and Safety

All Combination Ladders for sale on the open market now must be manufactured to British Standards for the protection of both the immediate user and the public in general. In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 anyone going about their work has a duty of care to act in such a manner as would not cause harm or be likely to cause harm to themselves or others. This is especially important when using ladders as the person on the ladders, any passers by or other people working locally could potentially be harmed if they were not used correctly or sensibly.

Many models also carry an upper body weight and this is often dependent upon the particular “model” and the material used to produce it.


As they are often used for both domestic and commercial use there is a vast range of Combination Ladders available throughout the market with a huge variety of prices also offered.

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