Cold and Flu – Avoid the Winter Blues

It’s not that complicated…really. I do realize that every year 90 out of 100 families deal with the cold and flu on average 3 to 4 times a year. But what about the other 10%…what are they doing different? How can people go years without ever suffering from colds or flu? How have I been able to go over 3 years without a sniffle, and my child never being sick more than 24 hours? Its called dedication, and some tips and tricks that work so well that colds and flu don’t stand a chance.

Bacteria – Eliminate It

No, don’t go get some Lysol and spray your house down like you’re infested with a family of rats, and don’t spray it in your mouth either. There are much safer, effective, and enjoyable ways to knock down the amount of unwanted bacteria in your home and in your body.

Essential Oils – External

To help eliminate bacteria in your airborne environment (in your home), strongly consider an essential oil cold diffuser. Essential oils are plant based aromas that not only smell awesome, and can help with moods, but they are also generally anti-bacterial and viral.

Imagine the essential oil of cinnamon (kills 99.9 percent of bacteria) in the air, or lavender combined with eucalyptus. There are literally hundreds of different plant based essential oils that can create a fragrant atmosphere AND keep that unwanted bacteria to a minimum.

Stick it in your kid’s room and combine chamomile and lavender…and know walking away that it facilitates restful sleep, eliminates bacteria, and has many other positive health implications.

Note: Some essential oils can be taken internally (peppermint for example) and others can not (cinnamon). Make sure to read labels and do your research before taking internally.

Supplements and Food – Internal

First of all, we need to create an environment in our body so that the many bacteria we face each day are easily taken care of by our immune system, so that much of the time we don’t need to take any additional action to stay healthy.

This means we need to really watch some key ingredients and food that can really depress your immune system. This can vary a bit from person to person, but the deal breakers for most people remain the same.

Limit or avoid any kind of sugar, dairy (pasteurized milk and cheese), alcohol, and all of the other ingredient deal breakers and foods to avoid (which you should be doing anyway). These create mucous (see: snot), foster bad bacteria, and slow down the digestive system which in turn depresses the immune system. That means less fighters on your behalf to knock down what might ail you.

Now, if some foreign invader does make its home in the back of your throat or intestinal system (where its really warm and cozy for them), consider foods and herbs that eliminate bacteria and viruses quickly so it doesn’t grow and eventually drag you down for the count.

Some great foods and spices are garlic, cinnamon, coconut oil, bee pollen, and unrefined full spectrum sea salt. Get creative on how to use them, but think teas, smoothies, and gargling warm water with the sea salt 3x a day.

Some great supplements to eliminate bacteria and viruses include oil of oregano, colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, and sangre de drago. The former is very easy to find in a health food store and works like a charm. Colloidal Silver is known (albeit not well by the masses) for its excellent immune support, and its strongest use is for eliminating bacteria (which goes to show you where a strong immune system lies – in the gut).

Immune System – Build it Up

In addition to that, you need to make sure you are taking or consuming immune boosting foods and supplements.

Foods high in Vitamin C are excellent, as are most alkalizing foods (see: majority of fruits and vegetables).

To ward off the tendency to get sick at all, consider strong immune support herbs like ganoderma (reishi), echinacea, and golden seal. I’ve been taking ganoderma for almost 3 years, and its a large part of the reason I’ve never been sick in that time. Its also contains Vitamin D, which is also very important, and perhaps part of the reason that people get sick in northern climates more often during winter (lack of sun).

So if you really want to avoid the cold and flu this year, take the following steps:

1) Eliminate or avoid the foods that foster bacteria and even promote it. 2) Consume the foods and pick a supplement that eliminates unwanted bacteria and creates an unfriendly atmosphere for them. 3) Consume the foods and pick a supplement that supports a healthy immune system, to fight any invaders (bacterial or viral) that do find their way into your body. 4) Cold diffuse essential oils in the main traffic areas of your home, and your bedrooms, to help eliminate any airborne bacteria that makes it way into the home.

Thats it. Do these 4 things and it will go a long ways to kicking the snot out of any colds and flu that tries to hit your house this season.

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