Stratagem LLC restructures cost of their marketing services for 2012

Hard economic times and high unemployment rates have given Stratagem LLC reason to reconsider their pricing for internet marketing services, to better suit small businesses.

“In order for any business to succeed, it must have a strong marketing plan at an affordable cost. That’s why we decided to restructure our marketing services and to reduce the cost of implementing Stratagem LLC’s services.” stated Chris Gauthier, COO of Stratagem LLC.

50 years ago it was the American dream to become self-employed and own a small business. In 2011, the American dream is much more a reality than anyone would have thought. Although owning a small business can be rewarding, it can also be a huge source of stress because of its financial demands.

“Since the majority of small businesses have modest marketing budgets, you really have to make every dollar count. This is why we’ve come up with several new marketing packages that any small business owner can afford. Our new a la carte service menu offer as little or as much as any business needs at any particular time with options to better manage their company’s exposure and growth.” says Chris Gauthier.

Stratagem LLC has 5 new marketing options for website Optimization, manual Directory Submissions, better Search Engine Rankings, Keyword discovery, and Link building; all ranging in price from $19.99 – $159.99. Stratagem’s new a la carte, modular, internet marketing menu will allow customers to try services and receive prompt feedback without a huge commitment of time, money or energy.

S.M. Sauv?, Stratagem’s CEO commented “Because of the poor state of the economy we were afflicted with more pressure, less time, a reduced budget, fickle clients, and greater scrutiny. However, life itself will continue to change, and practitioners must change with it.” Sauv? went on to say, “We wanted to be stay visible, accountable, measurable and approachable; leading the change and innovation, rather than just reacting and following.”

The strongest marketing companies are responding to the changing needs and demands of their clientele, and our nation’s less than stellar economical state. Stratagem LLC has always had a pragmatic outlook and seeks opportunities to deliver real and lasting change for their clients by finding strength in the face of adversity.

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