Investing in America’s Lands

Land investments are an investing option that has been around for centuries. Investment lands can be farms, recreational property, timberland, forest land or other vacant tracts. It can be held indivudally or along with partners and/or family members.

Here are some advantages of buying land. Unlike investments in gold, bullion and other commodities, it cannot be stolen easily. Land does not come with the risks of investing in shares and bonds. It can be mortgaged more than once to raise some funds for emergencies or other investments. Property does not lose value over a period like the money in banks which fails to keep pace with inflation, it records consistent appreciation, which can be realized after a long period of time. The appreciation works at a rate which is generally much higher than inflation, and bank interest rates. More often than not, investmenting in vast open lands that may not have much value as of now can give dividends about 20 to 25 years later. Buying property provides a means of tax planning. If the money is invested in land for appreciation, the investor becomes liable to tax only if he sells the property. If he chooses to hold the property for 20 years, he pays no tax on annual or biannual capital appreciation till the date he sells the property. Effectively, such capital appreciation gets compounded without deducting tax component. Had the investor opted to invest in some bank deposit, the interest earned thereon would be taxable. Best of all, you can lease out your land for another source of income.

Where to find land for sale? This is what Westslope Properties can answer for you. Westslope Properties markets land that has, for generations, been managed as a working forest land. Our extensive collection of properties has some of the best scenic views, waterfront access, recreational property, and hunting land for sale on the market today. Our land continues to be privately managed and has never before been available for sale until now.

We are not your average real estate company. Westslope Properties specializes exclusively in rural land for sale and offers only timberland properties that we manage. Our people are professional land sales agents who are rooted in the communities where they work, live and recreate. We know this land first-hand. It’s our job to make sure that you get what you want.

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