Is Renting Office Space Better than Buying?

There are pros and cons of both renting and buying when it comes to choosing office space, and there will always be different options that suit different people. However, unless you happen to be a major corporation that would end up ploughing millions a year into rent, finding office space to rent will almost always come out on top.

Renting premises will sometimes feel like simply throwing money away. However, by buying premises you will be losing a huge amount of potential profit straight away and be leaving yourself lacking the flexibility that rented property can offer.

Where renting office space really starts to come out as the best choice for many is the fact that there is a huge amount of flexibility available to companies when they rent. By buying offices, you leave yourself unable to easily grow or shrink in size without wasting a great deal of room or money. By finding office space to rent, you are free to change offices as and when you need to, ensuring that you are only ever spending out the amount you need to on your offices.

There are other benefits too – the best offices will not only offer you facilities that are shared with others, greatly reducing your overheads, but many will also come fully furnished, meaning that you don’t have to spend out even more money on such extras.

Especially in today’s financial climate, businesses will benefit hugely from being able to remain flexible and change with the economic wind. By buying premises, a business could commit itself quite seriously to a venture that simply isn’t viable even just a few months down the line.

So, unless you have the assets already in place and the assured growth to mean that buying cannot affect you, no matter what happens, renting space is almost always likely to be the best choice.

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