Why Leaders Need as Much Feedback as Those They Lead

Yearly appraisals are all well and good, but they very rarely take into account all the relevant information. On top of this, the usual approach to appraisals is to judge results rather than looking at the underlying issues that may have produced these results.

Furthermore, the majority of companies fail to consider just how important it is for managers to receive feedback, as in some cases it can be an issue far up the chain that is causing problems further down.

Therefore, managers need to be open to receive feedback as much as employees. By receiving such feedback, leaders can understand the appraisals of those they lead far more easily and see how each individual can change their processes to mutual benefit.

For the majority of companies a 360 degree feedback approach will work best. Such an approach to appraisals looks to not just view results but instead utilises honest and constructive feedbacks from all areas of a company to form a far more rounded view of an individual, their performance and how they might be able to evolve and improve. The added benefit of such a 360 appraisal is the fact that there are software programs that can allow businesses to integrate such an approach into their current set-up without having to pay for costly consultations and without it even having an effect on the way they work.

360 degree feedback allows leaders to see where they can improve and at the same time gives far more focus to how they can in turn help nurture staff and get the very best from each and every individual. The more open the management team is to receiving feedback, the more likely they are to successfully drive their company forward and create a workplace that is productive and harmonious at the very same time.

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Nick is a part time techie, full time writer and Lifestyle intern at 5 Articles.

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