If You Want Freedom Hire a Camper Van

If you love to explore hiring a camper van is the perfect way for you to enjoy the holiday of your dreams. Nothing could be better than taking your home with you.

There are hundreds of campsites, in the UK, where you can stop overnight. You can travel from site to site at a pace that suits you, which allows you to explore at your own pace. If you do not like somewhere, or the weather is not good, you can always move.

Driving a Camper Van is Easy

Many people like the idea of hiring a camper van, but are put off by the fact that they are big vehicles. However, this fear is unfounded. Once people pluck up the courage most are surprised at how easy they are to drive. If you can drive a saloon car, you definitely have the necessary skills to drive a modern camper van. They have good mirrors and power steering so are easy to manoeuvre or park, which is the aspect of driving a camper van most people worry about. Most larger camper vans also come equipped with reversing cameras, which makes things even easier.

Firms like Benfield camper van hire rent out small vans as well as larger ones. Anyone who is a little nervous can hire one of their vans for the weekend and take it somewhere local. They find most people fall in love with the experience and quickly book a van for a week or more then explore further afield.

Who Can Hire a Camper Van?

In theory anyone with a full driving licence can hire a camper van. However, in reality few firms will rent them to people aged under 25 or those aged over 70. Many also require you to have held your driving licence for at least two years. Most firms will let you hire a van from them even if you have points on your licence, but some charge more as a result.

The best hire firms include everything you could possibly need in the van. However, it is always wise to check exactly what is included before hiring a camper van.


Vancations provide a great Benfield camper van hire service. Over the years, they have helped hundreds to enjoy the freedom a camper van holiday offers.