A brief introduction to electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette also known as E-Cigarette, is the latest alternative to the traditional cigarette that is widely available in today’s market. The main aspect that differentiates the electronic cigarette from the usual cigarette is that, it does not burn any tobacco, which means that the smoker can still enjoy smoking without suffering from the harmful side effects of tobacco. One advantage of the electric cigarette is that, as it is non-flammable and does not contain any tobacco, it can be used in those places where smoking of tobacco cigarettes is banned.

The electric cigarette mainly has three parts, a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. Cartridge is the butt portion of the cigarette which contains a liquid and it is available in various flavors. The atomizer is a heating element that converts the liquid in the cartridge into vapors, so that it gives the effect of natural smoking. The battery is located at the other end of the electronic cigarette. This battery is rechargeable and stays as along as three to four days depending on the frequency of smoking. When the cartridge, atomizer and battery are connected together, it looks exactly like a normal cigarette.

The smoke in the electric cigarette is due to the heating of the liquid mixture, which includes propylene glycol, water, flavoring, glycerin and nicotine in the cartridge. One can decide on the level of nicotine to be used in the cigarette. It may be strong, light, regular or even non nicotine liquid. The use of electronic cigarette does not guarantee that the smoker will quit tobacco smoking. He can anytime switch back to the normal smoking as and when he wishes.
A lot of online vendors offer e-cigarettes, but one should always be careful as there are a lot of fake sellers also, who offer them at cheap prices. It is always better to chose licensed and trustworthy online vendors to avoid fake sellers.

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