Save on Service Costs with an Independent Garage

Running a car nowadays is an expensive business. With the price of fuel continuing to rocket, as well as increases in insurance prices thanks to the recession, it may feel like you are continually having to put your hand in your pocket. For many people, a car is a necessity, so cutting back isn’t really an option either. And even worse, if you bought a new car, then nearly all the major expenses tend to hit at the same time – insurance and tax renewals, and car servicing.

If you took out a service plan when you first bought your car, then once it has run out the car servicing costs will hit you even harder as you will have to pay them all in one go, rather than monthly instalments. Added to that, you will have been used to taking your car to the garage where you bought it for its service – most likely a franchised dealer. Likewise, if your car came with so many years free servicing as part of a deal, you will find it even more of a shock to the system at now having to pay car servicing costs, as well as not knowing where to take your car.

Ebeepbeep provide an online car servicing booking service, which lets you choose from 850 independent local garages to find the best price around. Having selected your garage, you then deal directly with them if there are any problems or repairs that need fixing to pass your MOT. By going to an independent garage, you can save as much as 65% on the franchised dealer prices, plus you will be supporting local businesses. All the garages used belong to leading industry networks, and consequently all parts are guaranteed for 12 months and can be repaired anywhere in the UK under warranty.

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