The value of positive thinking

When a company is in considerable financial difficulty, it is easy for directors and employees to lose motivation. Struggling away at something which is not bringing in the anticipated returns can be profoundly disappointing. Nonetheless, it is important not to allow negativity to set in. It is contagious and can hide the fact that a better future is attainable. It may be necessary to seek out business debt services, but this step can be part of a new beginning.

At Cooper Matthews we are experts at business debt analysis. One of our Insolvency Practitioners can help give a distressed enterprise the prospect of a brighter future down the track. Our experience shows that many organisations which have hit hard times can prove to be successful eventually, as long as they show a collective strength of purpose and enjoy some good fortune.

It is important to remember that a company debt rescue is nothing to be ashamed of. Stigma associated with debt should be ignored. Especially when an economy is not thriving, business difficulties can be the consequence of external factors as much as any wrong choices. Many high achieving businesspeople have been through tough times only to emerge stronger and more determined as a consequence.

It is legal and quite feasible for a company to be closed down and some of its important assets to be purchased by a former director to put to use in a new venture. The new venture can be in the same sector as the old one and it can even be given a similar name. As long as the relevant legislation is not breached, this option can rescue a great idea from failing.

In business, skills and innovation are of importance. However, they can count for nothing if the wrong attitude is cultivated. Even when a firm has a lot of pressure placed on it, remaining positive can deliver.

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