Beekeeping Banker

When banker Ted Eyeres decided to take up beekeeping his neighbours and friends thought that he’d gone mad. But beekeeping is something that Ted had been considering taking up for many years.

‘I work in a very high pressure job in the city’ he says ‘I’m always tense and find it hard to relax. I’m not one of these people who can easily sit down with a book or just watch telly, I always feel like I’ve got to be doing something.’

Doctors warned Ted about his blood pressure and his need to take it easy, but still Ted confesses he needs to feel active and productive, even at home.

‘I’ve always wanted a hobby that didn’t just keep me busy, but produced something. Slowly the idea of getting a few beehives and keeping bees crept into my mind. In many ways it’s ideal for me, It’s very relaxing and at the end of it you’ve not just got your colony of bees to look after – but you’ve got all the honey as well. I’ve started to produce honey quite seriously now, I give it to friends and colleagues rather than sell it – but it’s very rewarding to feel that you’re giving something unique to people. And I think there are few people who get given homemade honey’.

The honey produced by Ted’s beehives is even more unique than he thought. Not only is it a homemade treat for his friends, but due to a large amount of lavender growing in Ted’s garden his bees produce honey with a distinctive yet subtle flavour due to the industrious insects predominantly collecting nectar from his lavender flowers.

‘It’s quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what the difference in flavour is’ Ted says ‘but there’s a noticeable if slight tang to the honey which compliments the sweetness excellently’.

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