Bean Bags: Never out of fashion

Whether you want a designer look for your home, or you are a student looking for a cheap, trendy option for your shared flat rather than a couch, bean bags are never out of fashion when it comes to interior design.

We all know how comfortable they are, even more so if you buy one from a quality manufacturer who specialises in beanbags. The days are gone of lumpy, cheap bags. These days, thanks to the internet, you can order almost any colour or design of beanbag that you can think of, and don’t need to fill and sew the outer material yourself – you can just have it delivered.

One of the best things about bean bags is their universal appeal across all ages – kids love them, and you can use them to decorate their bedrooms. Have one made a little bigger, and you’ve got a relaxing chair for an adult, too.

Many more bars and restaurants are turning to bean bags rather than the traditional “cosy couch” – for example, in places where people chill out, such as coffee shops. You can get leather bean bags that are just as durable and fashionable as a couch, and far more comfortable to sink into!

They don’t have to be a replacement for a chair or existing furniture, though – if you have limited space, you could use a bean bag as an extra emergency chair in your home for guests, during that post-dinner chat and bottle of wine… it saves people sitting on the floor and squeezing on a too-small sofa.

Whether you’ve started refurnishing your home or already live somewhere that’s fully kitted out, a bean bag is a well-recognised, comfortable and useful accessory for any home – one that’s going to stay current for a long time yet.

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