Make sure car scrappage is green

Cars ultimately reach a point where the best thing to do is to get them off the road and send them for scrap. That way they can be disposed of ethically and any materials and parts salvaged and reused. That scrap metal can be put to good use and the vehicle isn’t just left to rot as an eye sore somewhere.

Most vehicle owners don’t know much about how scrap car disposal works. It pays to do a little research into scrap yards and the services they offer. The industry still has something of a reputation for being a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding reputable operators. A bad scrap dealer might not even take the scrap car and crush and recycle it. They might sell it on for cash. They might dispose of it, but not in the way that the customer was expecting.

Quality scrap car disposal is recognised by the Environment Agency. They approve dealers that meet their strict criteria for environmental operating standards. Customers should look for an outfit that has this approval. This means they can relax safe in the knowledge that they are doing the right thing and their scrap car will be processed and dealt with in the right way.

When it comes to scrap car disposal it pays to go with Vehicle Recycling Services Ltd. They take care of absolutely everything for the customer. They collect the vehicle, they complete all necessary paperwork and then scrap the car in an environmentally friendly way. It’s the complete scappage service. One that is friendly, reliable and green.

All it takes to get the ball rolling is one phone call to Vehicle Recycling Services Ltd. Their friendly customer service agents are always on hand to answer any questions prospective customers may have. Scrapping a car with these guys is simple and environmentally sound.

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