Pick And Mix Delights

One of the most enduring and popular forms of sweet shop is the pick and mix. This is mainly because it offers something for everybody and the combinations and concoctions are only as limited as the imaginations of the people picking them. By combining a variety of products from sweet suppliers, you can put together an eclectic or classic mix to charm even those who claim not to have a sweet tooth.

Pick and mix shops and stalls can spring up anywhere and can prove a convenient stop for customers in a mall who are wanting something to keep the children quiet. By bringing together the best sweet shop supplies you could end up with the modern equivalent of the sweet shops from Roald Dahl’s Charlie And the Chocolate Factory. If you are interested in becoming a purveyor of a myriad of different sweets, by opening a stand or a shopping centre unit you could fulfill that wish.

Sweet suppliers offer a wide variety of sweets including liquorice, chocolate, candy, toffees, jelly, lollipops, foam, giant jellies and sugar free in over 100 flavours. This should include classics such as bonbons, pear drops and gobstoppers.

Alternatively, you could be looking to introduce sweet shop supplies into your current store. Some great places to open sweet stands are where people are already enjoying leisure activities and where sweets would be make a great addition. Places like cinemas, a bowling alleys or a ice skating rinks are perfect for sweet stands.

Your stand or shopping centre unit can be as lavish or as classic as you want. Designs are attractive and colourful and all sweets are stored in clean containers and are easy to restock. It is a great way to starting a new business, and maybe that first step towards owning a traditional sweet shop?
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