Benefits of Private Car Leasing

The recession has had major influences on the way many of us handle our finances. It has put paid to making large investments requiring big outlays of cash, simply because we no longer have it to invest or are afraid of spending the money in case we need it in the near future. So much of our expenses are now lived through finance or short commitment deals – more people rent than before, we pay for our sofa, TV and washing machine in instalments, and we get our car on finance too. A new trend with car finance has been the ‘passport’ deal, where you pay about half of the value of your car off in monthly finance payments, and then simply hand your car back if you no longer want or can afford it. Obviously, this makes little financial sense in comparison to buying a car outright, but not everyone can afford to do that. Likewise, not everyone can afford to pay half of the value of their car either. If you lose your job a year into your payments, where will you get the rest of the money to pay off the car?

This is where car leasing companies such as those offered by CLVR Motoring Solutions can help. Car leasing companies work by leasing you your car for a specified period of time and at a specified monthly rate. Getting your car this way allows you to drive the car of your dreams without having to buy it or engage in confusing finance deals, and where it would normally be way out of your price range anyway. Also, because cars depreciate in value, you won’t be losing any money when it comes time to move on and you don’t have to weigh up what the future value of the car will be before you buy. Unlike a house, where you have the opportunity to invest and make money, buying a car will always lose you money.

CLVR act as a broker between the car leasing companies to find you the best deal, and can typically save you around 40% off the direct price through their car lease deals. What’s more, all their car lease deals have a price promise, ensuring you always get the best deal around. Because leasing companies buy so many cars every year direct from the manufacturers, they are able to lease them at lower prices. Car leasing can also save you money in general, as upgrading your car regularly will make sure that you always get a more fuel efficient car, which these days is a major consideration for most people when selecting their new car due to the rocketing price of fuel. Most cars now also have cheaper or free road tax for the first year too so you will also save money this way. CLVR allow you to search by car type, price or manufacturer so you’re sure to find your perfect car at a perfect price with minimum effort!



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