Plumbing tips offered to consumers during cold weather

Often, people buy bathroom supplies and plumbing supplies when they want to make improvements to their homes. Indeed, property alterations of this kind are rising in popularity at present according to many firms. This may be because fewer people are in a position to move to new abodes and so are keen to make the most of their current residences.

However, in some cases bathroom supplies and plumbing supplies need to be bought as a matter of urgency because of particular problems.

For example, during the colder months of the year water pipes are at risk of freezing and when they do, cracks can form in the metal. This causes problems when the ice returns to liquid as it flows out of these gaps and can cause flooding in homes.

Indeed, the Daily Telegraph recently suggested that when temperatures drop to below freezing, damage of this kind is caused to one in 20 properties in the UK. It noted that this can cost thousands of pounds to repair.

For example, as well as the flooding itself, ceilings can collapse due to water damage, kitchen units may need to be refitted, phone lines can become disconnected, pipes and flooring might need to be repaired or replaced, carpets and furniture could be destroyed and it may even be necessary for families to move into alternative accommodation while the work is being conducted.

Not only this, but the price of insurance policies may go up as a result of the claims that are made.

Damage to water pipes is particularly likely when people leave their homes unattended for a while, the publication pointed out. It stated that between October and March, it is necessary to take certain preventative courses of action when heading away.

The central heating should be left “ticking over” and should not be set at lower than 55f (12c), it claimed. Meanwhile, homeowners should consider completely draining their systems if they are going away for a prolonged period.

Also, if possible a friend or neighbour should check the house at least once every seven days to make sure no accidents have occurred, the newspaper recommended.

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