Headlight Restoration

Headlights were once made of glass; however, using glass limited car manufactures to certain sizes and shapes. As technology advanced, automakers began using polycarbonate headlight lenses.

While there are many advantages to using polycarbonate, one major drawback is that over time oxidation can change the physical properties of the headlight lens surface.

New headlights have a factory applied UV resistant coating to help protect and preserve the lens against oxidation. Headlight restoration is the process of removing oxidation and re-applying a protective UV coating.

Restoring your headlights to their original clarity not only improves your vehicle’s appearance, but more importantly provides safety to the vehicle’s occupants by restoring the headlight’s ability to project light properly.

Benefits of Headlight Restoration

The concept of going green is spreading across the world with industries and consumers opting for green alternatives more than ever before. Headlight restoration prevents the unnecessary disposal of discolored headlights currently going into landfills, making it a very environmentally friendly process.

Drastically improves your driving visibility.

Enhances the appearance of your vehicle.

Increases the resale value of any vehicles.

Eliminates costly replacements.

Felix Jones a an expert in Evansville Auto Detailing and Evansville Headlight Restoration Services.

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