Outsourced warehousing ‘ideal for growing firms’

There are many potential problems that entrepreneurs have to deal with when they are trying to get fledgling organisations off the ground.

Raising finance, getting a customer base and fulfilling their legal requirements are a few of these. Of course, at present, there is the added disadvantage of the economic problems that are affecting the UK and elsewhere.

Another issue such businesspeople have to deal with is ensuring their premises are suitable for their needs. This means not exceeding their budget while at the same time getting somewhere that allows them to perform all the tasks they wish to.

According to comments made by Go Fulfilment, using outsourced warehousing, potentially including warehousing in West Sussex, can help in this process.

It noted that new companies need a streamlined system to take advantage of e-commerce activity and distribution.

The organisation pointed out that by running a good web campaign, enterprises can generate significant levels of demand, but the real test comes when they have to meet this raised level of interest among consumers.

It warned that firms need to focus on how they can get their sold goods to the customers without causing a bottleneck in the process. In Go Fulfilment’s opinion, outsourced warehousing, possibly including storage space in Sussex, can help with this.

The organisation’s chief executive officer Brian Taylor said: “For small and medium enterprises, outsourced warehousing is really the way to go. The businesses will have limited manpower and shipping knowledge, which can slow the order processes and lead to customer service nightmares.”

“Fulfilment warehouses can sort out the process from initial order to pick and pack to delivery of goods.”

Another advantage of using such services is that it saves money in terms of staff wages because workers for this process may not be needed all of the time, Go Fulfilment added.

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