Find Free Ovulation Calculator Tools Online Now

If you are planning to conceive then you may find online ovulation calculator tools very useful. These free calculators can help you to estimate when you are most fertile in each month. This can help you to plan your pregnancy and increase your chances of conceiving.

Online Ovulation Calculator Tools

In each ovulation cycle there are times when you are more fertile. You will be able to increase the chances of pregnancy by having intercourse at these times.

· Ovulation calculator tools help you to work out the most fertile days in your ovulation cycle.

· These tools can be very beneficial if you are trying to conceive as you will know when you fertility is at its peak.

· Ovulation calculator tools can also help you to plan for a girl or boy. Studies have shown that focusing intercourse three days before you are due to start ovulating can increase your chances of conceiving a girl. This is because those sperm carrying the female X-chromosomes swim more slowly than the Y-chromosome sperms and live for a longer period of time. They will be more likely to last the three days and arrive to fertilise the egg.

· Alternatively focusing intercourse at the time of ovulation could increase your chances of having a boy as these Y-chromosomes should reach the egg first at these times.

· Of course you can also work out the times when you are least fertile as well if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. This will help you to plan your family more effectively.

Using Ovulation Calculator Tools

When you click on free online ovulation calculator tools the current month will appear onscreen. All you have to do is input the date of your period. If this was in the previous month you can click back on the calendar using the arrow buttons. Now you will be asked to input your regular cycle and click the calculate button. This could be anywhere from 21 to 37 days. If your periods are regular then this will make the calculations more accurate.

The ovulation calculator tool will return an estimated result of when you are next ovulating and when you will be at your fertility peak.

Online ovulation calculator tools can help you to increase your chances of conceiving. These tools are free to use and can produce useful results if you input accurate data.