Age Partnership Pension Annuities

Age Partnership pension annuities are there to provide consumers with the opportunity to compare annuities from some of the U.K.’s biggest and best providers. They currently work with Aviva, Standard Life, Prudential, LVE and many other UK annuity providers.

Their aim is to help consumers to understand how different annuity options affect the income they will receive when they retire. They want consumers to be able to make an informed choice. Unlike many other annuity comparison services they factor in important things such as health and lifestyle so that their quotes acuretely reflect the actual income they can expect from various types of annuity.

However, it is important to understand that they do not purport to offer financial advice, per se. They simply present the facts and figures, which enable informed consumers to compare one annuity with another.

Age Partnership pension annuities recommend that all consumers speak to an independent financial adviser before making any final decisions about which annuity they buy. Getting this kind of unbiased advice is crucial if consumers are to make a fully informed decision. Given that the type of annuity consumers buy has such a profound effect on how much income they can expect in retirement this is sound advice. Choosing the wrong annuity or simply buying the first one you are offered can result in your having 40% less income than if you had bought the best annuity on the market.

Contacting Age Partnership Pension Annuities

The best way to contact Age Partnership pension annuities is via their website. There you can read through their information about annuities and fill out a simple form to get a quote. If you prefer you can call them on their freephone number and speak to them in person. They also offer a callback service whereby you leave your contact details and they ring you at a time that is convenient to you. If you want to you can use their contact us form or there Facebook page to write to them. Their postal address is also available on their website. However, they do not make home visits.

Visit the Age Partnership pension annuities website today to get a basic understanding of what annuities are and a customised annuity quote.