How to turn your scrap car into a charity donation

What do you do with an old car that’s rusting away in a garage or cluttering up your drive? Of course you reach for the phone and call your local scrap dealer. But what about all the paperwork? Do you have to notify the DVLA? Should you get a Certificate of Destruction? And what if the car itself is beyond repair, but you would like to transfer the number plate?


Most people only scrap a car once or twice in their lives and they have no idea how to go about it. This is where an ingenious service can really help. Giveacar was launched in 2010 as a social venture to collect and recycle old cars, and it does much more than take the stress out of the process. That’s because every car has a value, and Giveacar’s objective is to give the money raised from their cars to charity.


If you have a car that’s only good for scrap, call Giveacar and the process is simple. You give them a few details over the phone and make sure to tell them the name of the charity that you want to support. The car will be collected by one of the company’s network of scrap metal merchants, loaded onto a tow truck, and there’s no more for you to do. A short time later you will receive confirmation from Giveacar that your car has been destroyed. Soon after that your chosen charity will send you a receipt for your donation.


What if your car is still in working order, but you no longer need it and you don’t want to go to the expense of an MOT, road tax and insurance? Giveacar can help you here as well. They will take any car, runner or non-runner, just so long as it has wheels and can be winched onto the ramp of one of their collection trucks. Some of the cars they are given are in perfect working order, just a little tired and forlorn. These are photographed, checked out by an engineer and put up for auction where they can often raise several hundred or, in rare cases, thousands of pounds.


Giveacar will collect cars from almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland. The only areas they cannot cover at the time of writing are those places that are exceptionally hard to reach, chiefly the Scottish Islands, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man.


If you no longer have room for your old banger and it has definitely seen better days, why not call Giveacar on 020 0011 1664? Or check out their scrap car donation service on the internet. Their website explains the process in detail, and also lists over five hundred charities that will be happy to accept your car donation.