Get The Abs You Want Now

Are you sick of your flabby abs or “flabs” and are so ready to get six pack abs? Then you’re in the right place. More likely than not is the fact that you’ve tried your hand at getting a six pack, doing exercises that promise you the results you want. But each fail to deliver or you wouldn’t be here, looking for that one effective program. In this article I will show you five tips to get you started in getting your stomach in shape. If its faster and more defined results you want though, I think you might want to get The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary.

Now, here are the tips I have used to get my own set of six pack:

One: Start eating right. It is always best to have meals that are complex. That is tantamount to having a set of carboyhydrates, protein and fiber on your plate for each meal. Starting a habit of always pairing these three food groups is a simple rule of thumb you can follow to reduce fat in your belly and help build and keep your abdominal muscles in place.

Second, exercise. Most make exercise complicated; this shouldn’t be the case. Fact is, a well-planned 20-minute combo of crunches and cardio will already make for a really effective six pack abs workout. The secret lies in the variety. Since you’re building muscles, you have to make sure you put enough strain in your muscles to actually build them. Muscles tend to adapt to resistance, so changing up your six pack abs workout every 2 weeks or so ensures you’re always building and maintaining them. If you need examples of ab exercises, read Burn the Fat by Tom Venuto. You can find helpful meal plans as well.

Next tip is to get enough rest and sleep. Never cheat on your muscles’ resting phase. You know your muscles have healed from the strain when the pain has gone away. Also, rest and sleep together are required for you to avoid stress. Abdominal fat can be avoided by avoiding stress. Storing fat is what the body does when it can’t release stress. So it is best then that you don’t let stress get the best of you by either getting enough rest or by exercising.

Lastly are the The 15-Minute Standing Rule and The Stomach Vacuum, two seemingly trivial but surprisingly helpful tips that I actually, personally swear by. The first one states that you should stand up after eating and remain standing for 15 minutes. This allows your stomach to flatten up and not bulge as will be done when you remain seated. The Stomach Vacuum is the exercise for your inner abdominal muscles. You can’t work these muscles through ordinary crunches. This exercise involves proper breathing and the sucking in of the gut for a certain period of time. Doing this exercise can cut inches off your waist, as long as you hold other things like diet and rest equal. If you want to see how this technique is done exactly, you can go to Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review at

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