Cedar Roof Shakes

If you find yourself considering placing a new roof on or switching your current one, then your choices should be cedar roof shingles.

There are numerous of reasons to like using this sort of roof material. Most important is usually that it is quite special and appears truly good. Cedar shakes will complement several architectural designs. They have a clear rustic look that is interesting to most people.

Besides the looks though there are certain additional advantages to applying cedar roofing shingles. This shingle on your roof will last for long periods because it is especially famous for its flexibility and amount of resistance to harsh weather conditions all year round. It comes with an abundance of cedar trees in lots of regions so it is a pure and regular option in numerous areas of the country. Such type of shingle also provides the advantage over such other roofing materials that are made from petroleum products. This will make it more environmentally friendly to use.

Many homes experience risks like hail, heavy wind storms, UV damage and insects. Cedar will normally avoid these types of damages to properties. If each of your worries is very good insulation than the kind of shingle would be the best option. It produces great insulation for home to keep the home warmer in winter season and cooler for all those hot, summertime. Several other roofing materials do not own the lifespan of these kind of roofs. They are in reality recognized for long lasting 30, or even 40 years.

If you’re thinking of selling your home now or maybe even later, cedar roof shingles improve the entire reselling value of any home. It’s a great selling point with prospective home purchasers and may help you raise the sum you sell your property for.

As with any notable advantages though, there are some drawbacks to think about with cedar roof shakes. For one thing, they are a little bit more expensive to install compared to your ordinary run-of-the-mill roofing materials.

This cost is normally an allowed advantage because of the lots of benefits and the well-known durability of the product. You would like to be sure you use a professional to install home properly. You might have much less risk of any damage when it is nailed and installed properly and they defintely won’t be as likely to break up or shrink, making replacement at a minimum.

Make sure you select cedar roof shingles which were treated by the manufacturer with fire-resistant chemicals. This provides more safety to your house and family than with no treatment cedar roof shingles.


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