Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are growing in popularity in the UK. People are using them all over their homes, but mainly in their kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles made from natural stone are particularly popular.

Types of Stone Tiles

The majority of stone tiles are made out of natural stone. You can buy fake stone tiles, but they rarely look as nice as natural stone tiles do.

Most people use these tiles on their walls, but you can also buy floor tiles made of stone too. The size and shape of the wall tiles varies considerably. The general trend is for wall tiles to get bigger and to be oblong in shape rather than square.

The stone they are made from varies and changes with the fashion. At the moment Travertine is very popular. This stone comes mostly in browns and creams. You can buy it with a classic finish, which is a matt finish and is slightly textured. However, polished Travertine, which has a smooth slightly shiny finish, is also becoming popular.

Marble is another popular stone. It was one of the first stones to be used for wall tiles and remains popular throughout the world. It comes in a huge range of colours and patterns. By far the most popular kind is the white marble with black or grey swirls you see in so many places, this type of marble is called Carrara Blanco. However, other colours of marble are gaining ground like vanilla cream, crema Marfil, silver shadow, Capri, Monza, dark emperador and many others. Most marbles are light in colour, but you can buy marbles that are almost completely black or very dark brown.

Other stones such as slate, quartz, limestone and many other natural stones can be bought as either wall or floor tiles.

Where to Buy Stone Tiles

You get a good choice of stone tiles on the High Street in specialist shops and DIY stores. However, by far the best choice is to be found on the internet. There you will find specialist suppliers who sell nothing but tiles, which they source from across the globe.


The Stone Trader sells a huge range of stone tiles . They stock several hundred designs of wall and floor tiles made out of natural stone.