Glass Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for a new style of tiles for your bathroom or kitchen glass mosaic tiles are well worth considering. They are the latest tiles and are already proving very popular. This is not surprising when you consider how many people like the look of standard mosaic tiles.

Types of Glass Mosaic Tiles

There are many different designs of glass mosaic tiles available. The idea is that you can buy a design that will fit in with practically any kind of room, except perhaps very old-fashioned kitchens and bathrooms.

They come in two basic formats. The first and most popular format comes in the form of a sheet of mosaic tiles that are already properly spaced out and stuck to a sheet of shiny paper. You apply these sheets to the grouted wall and peel the paper off the tiles. Once you have completely tiled a wall, you can fill the spaces in between the mosaic tiles in with grout as you would any other tiled wall.

The other format comes in the form of tiles that are about 30cm x 30cm. They have a pattern of mosaic tiles built into them complete with faux grout. You apply these tiles to the wall as normal and grout them in as normal.

Glass mosaic tiles come in a huge array of colours and textures. You can buy them mixed with other materials like slate. They even come in slightly different sizes and shapes. Classic mosaic tiles are square, but you can intersperse them with rectangular tiles to create different effects. You can buy plain glass mosaic tiles, mirrored glass tiles as well as coloured glass tiles.

Where to Buy Glass Mosaic Tiles

You still do not see many glass mosaic tiles for sale on the High Street. Therefore, you get the best choice on-line. You get by far the best choice on those websites that specialise in selling floor and wall tiles. If you buy on-line, you can also shop around and buy your tiles for the best price possible. Remember to factor in the cost of postage before deciding which website to buy your tiles from.


Stone Trader sells a great selection of glass mosaic tiles . They buy in bulk so can offer these tiles for up to 70% less than you would have to pay on the High Street.