A better deal on BMW servicing

A BMW is a fine and reliable vehicle, beloved of people who have to rack up the miles out on the motorway. Think sales reps and middle managers. These are comfortable and finely tuned vehicles that are luxurious, comfortable and ultra reliable.

One of the drawbacks though is the high cost of BMW servicing, especially at main dealers. When it comes to service intervals most owners dutifully take their car into local main dealer BMW garages and pay over the odds for the work carried out. Why? Well usually because they don’t know where else to go. They don’t know if they local independent garage can do the work, has the parts or is any good, which is a shame, because these are highly skilled mechanics who charge a lot less.

Motorists are already feeling the pinch because of high fuel prices. It’s getting harder and harder to keep vehicles on the road. Insurance is creeping up too, so the last thing people need are excessive BMW servicing costs.

Next time that car is due for a service it’s best to weigh up the other options aside from the main dealer. Much the best way to do this is online. On the Internet BMW owners can access servicing centre finders. These clever sites allow drivers to pull up a list of approved and vetted garages in their area where they can take their BMW. These are quality local independent mechanics who can do just as good a job, but without charging a premium for the work. It’s the smart way to save money without compromising on the quality of work that is being carried out.

BMWs are great cars, but they can be expensive to run and maintain. By being a bit smarter about servicing owners can save themselves a huge amount of money.

For more information please visit – www.ebeepbeep.com/car-servicing.aspx/make/ford