Save money on Ford servicing

There’s nothing wrong with a Ford. It’s good honest everyman motoring. The blue oval has produced a string of great value, reliable cars over the years that help Britons get from a to b in comfort and style.

When it comes to Ford servicing an awful lot of people head straight to the main dealer. It’s not a bad thing to do as such, but it certainly isn’t cheap. Main dealers trade on the fact that people will pay a little extra for a sense of security. That service might cost them extra, but they can be sure all work will be carried out to a high standard. However, the truth of the matter is that there are plenty of independent local mechanics who can do just as good a job as the Ford garages and charge far less.

The big problem for most people is knowing where they are and whether they have a good reputation. No one wants to take a chance with their car. After all a poorly maintained car soon becomes an expensive problem. Not to worry. The good news is that new online services are springing up. It’s a great little idea. The company behind the website verifies the garages so they meet approved levels of quality and service. Customers using them simply type in their registration and postcode and the website produces a list of approved local garages offering Ford servicing at much better rates.

Thanks to the Internet there’s simply no need to pay the high servicing charges at Ford garages. There’s a quality local outfit who can carry out that work to the same standard without the premium charges, which is great news for hard pressed motorists who are having to deal with record fuel prices. Anything that helps them keep their car on the road for less is bound to be good news.

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