Choosing Airport Parking

There will be many different car parks at every single airport, and therefore choosing which will be the best can sometimes be hard. However, finding car parking at Heathrow can be even harder as the airport is far larger than most, and will therefore need far more choice in terms of the available parking.

There are many different types of airport parking, and the first thing you will need to do is choose which type of Heathrow car parking you want. Many people will simply choose any old car park, or always go for the cheapest, but in many ways airport parking should have as much thought put into it as your final destination has.

The main types of Heathrow car parking will be the ones to look at first. There will be onsite parking, offsite parking and even meet and greet parking, and there will be a big difference between each, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of what you are offered and therefore how relaxing or stressful the beginning of your holiday might end up being.

For those who do not mind arriving earlier and are more interested in cost than proximity, off airport parking will be best. Some are worried about this type of car park as it will be independently owned. However, so long as you book through a reputable company, all such car parking at Heathrow will be fully secured and perfectly safe.

Whilst off-site airport parking will be cheaper and involve a transfer, onsite parking will often mean you can simply park up and walk to the terminal, making the process much quicker and meaning you don’t have to follow many directions, and instead simply head for the relevant terminal. Meet and greet parking will be the most expensive but by far the easiest. You just turn up at the terminal and walk straight in, leaving a driver from the parking company to take care of the car for you.

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