British restaurant scene gets the thumbs up

There is no shortage of restaurants in Liverpool for people to try out. Indeed, the number of places to eat in Liverpool continues to rise and there is plenty of variety for those who want to experience gastronomic delights.

The UK food scene as a whole has improved hugely over recent years, and the country has gone from being ridiculed on the international stage for serving bland meals to being regarded as a culinary hotspot on the global scene.

A recent article praised British food. It said: “From Nigella’s bubbly laugh and tongue-in-cheek tomes on home cookery to the high-brow molecular gastronomy creations from Heston Blumenthal, we’re pretty smitten with the current British food scene.

“We tend to lean toward Anglophilia, but with good reason: the British Isles are nearly bursting with culinary talent.”

The news source drew attention to a number of the high-profile talents operating within the UK. Among those it pointed to was Fergus Henderson, who is suggested is best known for popularising the nose-to-tail philosophy of eating.

Meanwhile, former model and hockey player Danny Boome was also given a mention.

Another giant on the culinary stage is Heston Blumenthal, whose three-Michelin-starred eatery was described in the article as a “temple to molecular gastronomy”. About this innovative chef, the news source stated he is “never one to rest on his laurels”, adding he “now sits at the helm to a small but thriving high-end restaurant empire”.

When it comes to restaurants in Liverpool, consumers can take their pick from a whole array of establishments. One of the places to eat in Liverpool that enjoys particular popularity is Jamie’s Italian, which is the brainchild of TV chef Jamie Oliver.

The eatery aims to recreate rustic Italian dishes in a relaxed environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

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