Discover the Truth on Employee Absenteeism with Private Investigators

Successful companies are predominately based upon the strength of relationship established and maintained between employers and employees. Although the former are primarily responsible for company policies and the manner in which a business is run, it is essentially the employees who carry a company forward via high levels of productivity and efficiency. They take on the responsibility provided by their employer to not only fulfil their position, but also enjoy earning a financial income with a company with whom they are happy to work for.

Although they are generally accepted as unpreventable circumstances, unexpected absences can affect the overall flow and productivity of a company. Decreased numbers of employees not only increases the workload on fellow colleagues, but can also affect profit margins, motivation and morale. Sick leave should be taken seriously by any company to effectively counteract against the loss of a single employee and ensure such individuals return to work as soon as possible.

Monitoring employees who go on sick leave is a complex situation which should be handled delicately. This is particularly the case with companies who take on employees who have health problems; although statutory sick pay policies can counteract any absences, other employees may manipulate the system to their advantage in order to receive income without working.

Hiring the services of private investigators can be the perfect solution to determine whether their employees are abusing their position by claiming sick leave for periods when they are not ill or utilising time off for their own personal gain. More seriously, certain employees may also partake in secret trading with other companies whilst they are meant to be at home on sick leave.

Companies all well within their legal right to hire a detective agency to look into cases which may raise concerns of invalid sick leave claims. Private investigations are carried out methodically by professional detectives who keep their position undercover whilst generating enough concrete evidence on an accused employee to discover whether their sick leave is legitimate or not.

It is within any company’s interest to acquire a detective agency to look into the actions of employees who sick leave absence is either unusually regular or over a considerable period of time. Capability dismissals can be filed against employees who are found to manipulate company policy to their advantage to regain productivity and efficiency levels that effectively take a company forward.

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