The Importance of DC Drives in Newspaper Production

Newspapers have long remained the traditional form of news distribution to the public across the United Kingdom. Although the internet and technology-rich electronic appliance has resulted in significant decreases in worldwide circulation, the newspaper continues to be at the centre of journalism and news reporting.

Since the seventeenth Century, the printing press has conformed to spread news stories considered to be within the public interest, whether it is current affairs or editorials, on a local and national front. While newspaper companies predominately choose their own unique news values, political angles and opinions to embellish within their circulation, they all contain a comprehensive variety of material to suit the requirements of their targeted readers and consumer groups.

Despite its diminishing presence, newspapers continue to be a popular source of news for business personnel, homeowners and general members of the public. It is for this reason that newspaper companies must not only be ethical and methodical within their reporting and coverage of local, regional or national events, but also ensure its circulation remains competitive and strong. This is due to the ultra-competitive nature of the newspaper industry in which titles across all three areas vie for the attention of their targeted consumers.

For any newspaper company, securing efficient and productive industrial automation on a daily or weekly basis is of paramount importance. Printing machines which have DC drives installed can allow companies to sufficiently produce the required bulk quantities of newspapers required to be distributed to respective retail stores and other outlets.

DV drives play an integral role within providing considerable power to the printing and overall mechanisms of a printing machine. Such drive systems can be integrated with a control panel which allow employees to effectively monitor the condition of machinery, in addition to the overall speed and progression of printing production.

Without effective drives, newspaper companies may be unable to fulfil their distribution demands to retailers, therefore leaving consumers without a newspaper to read. This result in consumers choosing another daily or weekly paper, which subsequently culminates in a reduction of circulation figures and sales profits. The efficiency levels of industrial automation must remain at their highest level to ensure newspaper companies can continue to fulfil consumer demands and keep their title competitive amongst market rivals.

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